Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Boxer

I am listening to the new Mumford and Sons album, being entranced by the song "The Boxer." This song is a cover of a Paul Simon song. It's pure brilliance. This is an excerpt that is heavy on my mind:  

In the clearing stands a boxer, 
And a fighter by his trade 
And he carries the reminders 
Of ev'ry glove that laid him down 
Or cut him till he cried out 
In his anger and his shame, 
"I am leaving, I am leaving." 
But the fighter still remains 

This song really resonates with me because there is a sense of deep purpose ingrained in the message. Although people come and go, there is something (deep) that resonates and remains. There is something deeper than just the personal experience of one, there is a collective experience. 

So it is late September, and there is much to look forward to. I'm going to use this blog to help get out some of the ideas that are going on in my mind and to bring clarity.

I have been running A LOT. Maybe too much. I am getting ready to run 50 miles. It's a little unsettling to think about this race because it is 50 MILES!! What I am learning to do is just break it down by mile. Each mile will be a new experience, like a new day. I will be on a rollercoaster hitting great highs and lows along the way. It's kinda exciting to just contemplate this race every day. And with each day, another step closer to feel ready. 

That's it for now. 


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