Friday, October 19, 2012

Shaking with the Earthquake

Sometimes you just need something to shake you, rattle you, and just make you realize you are on this great train of life. No matter what you do, it's going to keep chugging a long until it reaches the next stop. You might be unaware of it's real speed, but every now and then you look out the window and you realize by looking at the beauty that lies outside. Since I was a child, I would never take my eyes off the window. I loved looking out the window when I was on trains, it was an adventure! I was seeing new places and LIVING. Throughout the last few years it has felt as if I have taken my eyes away from that window and have been distracted from the beauty that surrounds me.

So, great life events are inevitable. Whatever they may be and they can occur at any time. My world has been shaken up a bit, almost like an earthquake shaking that train. Although it is frightening/scary/uncertain right is ultimately for the best. For it balances the pressures and allows for homeostasis really. Living in California...I should know earthquakes. I have hidden, protected myself in some occasions, and others I would just go with the sway of the earthquake. This time, it's felt like I went with the sway, only for it to be a 10.0 magnitude. Maybe not the best way to get through this.

Now is the time to shake the dust. In the words of one of my favorite poets, Anis Mogjani,  "shake the dust."

It's time to pick myself off the ground and shake the dust. Evaluate any injuries, treat the wounds, and heal. Eventually I will, and will be stronger because of it. It's time to keep running and hop back on the train of life. For if I wait too long it will go on without me. The train slowly starts moving and I need to run back on. Run back on and greet the many sights and wonders that lie ahead of me. The many gifts of life that are yet to come.