Sunday, September 30, 2012

A bike ride with some really old trees!

So today was an adventure. Something I've been wanting to do for awhile, bike ride in Prairie Creek State Park. There are these absolutely HUGE old growth redwoods that are up there. So, early this morning we packed up the car:

And we set out on the hour or so drive up to Prairie Creek. Although it's pretty close, it's amazing that a trip has not been made yet! It was on the to-do list and we set out to make it happen today. Sun was forcasted, so that was definitely a bonus. We were greeted by trees like these, hundreds of feet tall into the sky: 

Got onto the trail, and they were pretty smooth at first. Then we hit some root trails (which was most of the day's riding): 

They were an adventure in-themselves. You must imagine that the root systems of these trees must be vast and just expansive! I wonder how much water these roots get each day! So we rode around for a few miles, and then we got onto another trail. We were greeted to this: 

An amazing sight of the reflection of the sun and the changing colors of the trees. There were many many leaves on the ground: 

The trail was just absolutely covered in leaves. They were falling every second! 

So also on the trail were huge mushrooms: 

As well as large bridges: 

Lunch was had on a fallen tree, on a makeshift bench that was carved into it: 

Later on another trail, there was this section where two trees almost came together. I was able to fit into that space. It was incredible just being in that space and feeling a connection with these massive redwoods and looking up hundreds of feet to seeing these great beasts that they are! Quite amazing.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Afraid of the outdoors?

So, there have been a recent tragedy that has been heavy on my mind. There was a group of three runners that were running between Arcata and Eureka the other day. It was early in the morning, around 6am. Well, they were all three hit by a hit-and-run driver. Two are in critical condition and one died. This hits close to home because it was an HSU professor that died. It was also a fellow runner that runs the same roads that I do. It could have been me. That is what I think about when I see something happen like this. There was also someone that died in June or July on PCH in Sunset Beach that got hit by a car at 11 in the morning. That could have been me too. I ride that same stretch when I am down in Southern California. It's easy to place blame on the victims because they are easy they should have been out of the lane, or wearing reflective gear, or anything like that. Well in these two cases, the blame can clearly be put on the drivers. One driver was drunk and the other was intoxicated on some drug. (I'm sure).

I'm not going to let these two tragedies keep me from being outside. I'm going to keep doing what I do. But with more caution, much more. It's really sad when great people die, especially if you were close to them. Incidents like these make you want to keep looking behind your back and looking forward too. People's attention is becoming much more divided. It's wise to be completely aware of what is going on around you. If you're getting outside, great! It seems as if there are some people that are afraid of the outdoors and prefer to be inside. Not me. I NEED to be outside. Hey, we were meant to be outside...not in some cubicle, office, or cement shelter. That makes me think about diet too...we were meant to eat more caveman style. Don't be afraid to eat a plant you find. There was a small kid the other day that was really shocked when he saw me picking blackberries and eating them. I told him it was my meal, and he said he thought food only comes from the grocery store. Sadly, many people think the same way!!

This site is amazing. Mark does a really good job of putting together an abundance of information to make us think, act, and eat more caveman:

All for now.

The Boxer

I am listening to the new Mumford and Sons album, being entranced by the song "The Boxer." This song is a cover of a Paul Simon song. It's pure brilliance. This is an excerpt that is heavy on my mind:  

In the clearing stands a boxer, 
And a fighter by his trade 
And he carries the reminders 
Of ev'ry glove that laid him down 
Or cut him till he cried out 
In his anger and his shame, 
"I am leaving, I am leaving." 
But the fighter still remains 

This song really resonates with me because there is a sense of deep purpose ingrained in the message. Although people come and go, there is something (deep) that resonates and remains. There is something deeper than just the personal experience of one, there is a collective experience. 

So it is late September, and there is much to look forward to. I'm going to use this blog to help get out some of the ideas that are going on in my mind and to bring clarity.

I have been running A LOT. Maybe too much. I am getting ready to run 50 miles. It's a little unsettling to think about this race because it is 50 MILES!! What I am learning to do is just break it down by mile. Each mile will be a new experience, like a new day. I will be on a rollercoaster hitting great highs and lows along the way. It's kinda exciting to just contemplate this race every day. And with each day, another step closer to feel ready. 

That's it for now.