Sunday, September 30, 2012

A bike ride with some really old trees!

So today was an adventure. Something I've been wanting to do for awhile, bike ride in Prairie Creek State Park. There are these absolutely HUGE old growth redwoods that are up there. So, early this morning we packed up the car:

And we set out on the hour or so drive up to Prairie Creek. Although it's pretty close, it's amazing that a trip has not been made yet! It was on the to-do list and we set out to make it happen today. Sun was forcasted, so that was definitely a bonus. We were greeted by trees like these, hundreds of feet tall into the sky: 

Got onto the trail, and they were pretty smooth at first. Then we hit some root trails (which was most of the day's riding): 

They were an adventure in-themselves. You must imagine that the root systems of these trees must be vast and just expansive! I wonder how much water these roots get each day! So we rode around for a few miles, and then we got onto another trail. We were greeted to this: 

An amazing sight of the reflection of the sun and the changing colors of the trees. There were many many leaves on the ground: 

The trail was just absolutely covered in leaves. They were falling every second! 

So also on the trail were huge mushrooms: 

As well as large bridges: 

Lunch was had on a fallen tree, on a makeshift bench that was carved into it: 

Later on another trail, there was this section where two trees almost came together. I was able to fit into that space. It was incredible just being in that space and feeling a connection with these massive redwoods and looking up hundreds of feet to seeing these great beasts that they are! Quite amazing.

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