Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rainy Day Man #1

Today marks the first day of rain in this city...the first that I have experienced in my close to two weeks here. This city fits me perfectly. It is a city of redwoods that is right on the beach. I live in between them!

Deciding upon a future graduate school was no easy task. I applied to over 20 schools!! It was a lengthy process--taking (& studying for) the GRE, filling out application after application, finding ways to articulate my life in short Statement of Purposes, asking professors for letters of recommendation, and so on. I am glad the process is over, yet I'm sure I will be doing the same two years from now. HSU will be a gateway for me. A gateway to a greater future. I'm considering Law School or perhaps another Masters after my experiences in Arcata.

It's difficult to pick up everything and move to "the unknown." I know only a handful of people in this city (one of which is traveling via bike across the country!!) This girl is absolutely amazing! In these last few weeks, I have established myself within the city, and have been welcomed by its great people. I have met many GREAT people along this journey to my new home. I have also explored many of the trails that are in my backyard. 

I have visited this area many times before. This may have influenced my decision to move here. I loved every visit I had here. My family used to camp in the redwoods, typically Richardson's Grove State Park. Those experiences I treasure. 

This blog will bring insight as to my life in this secluded city. I will blog about my dilemma from moving from a big city to a small one, my experiences in graduate school, and my summer of FUN! :D

I am rainy day man, about to go get wet in this rain. I'm off for a run!

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